How to Know Which Sport Your Child Prefers
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How To Know Which Sport Your Child Prefers

It’s often talked about that sports doesn’t have only physical advantages but also benefits for mental health too and humans learn a lot of lessons through sports and exercises. That’s why it is encouraged to get young kids involved in sports so they can be nourished physically and mentally at the same time. So it’s important to know which sport your child prefers!

But for many parents, including you, it is a challenge to choose the right sports for your children. Not only the right sports but also which sport your child prefers, and enjoys most, because fun is what your kid is looking for at this age. It’s difficult to know the preference of your kid and choose, but we will make it easy for you. That’s what we are here for, today we will discuss different ways of choosing the right sports activity for your children.

As a parent, you need to raise the awareness and importance of sports in your children’s minds from a very young age, because, in the later stages of life, they will know the benefits of physical activities and sports.

They will know that to achieve something, it takes hard work. They will know that to accomplish wonders it takes teamwork and they will get to learn many valuable concepts. That’s why organized sports activity is an awesome opportunity for your child to get better and be prepared for many aspects and challenges of life.

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Listen to Your Child

There can be nothing more basic than this one way. They tell us all the time about the things they love, but often we fail to listen or get their point. The number one thing you need to do from now on if you want to know which sport your child prefers, is to start understanding the signals your child has been giving you, the sports they talk about all the time, and the areas where they show interest. See if your kid loves to play football and enjoy it the most, or if your kid enjoys himself on the basketball court.

These are all the indications. And still, if there aren’t any sports your child is interested in, there can be other ways of getting to know about your child’s preferences. Because when you let them do things which they love, the results are always marvellous.

Give Them Exposure

If there isn’t any sport your kid is interested in, you need to worry and take immediate steps. You should start giving them exposure to different and diverse sports, so they can develop interest and passion for physical activities and sports.

You may want to start watching football matches with them, or maybe take them to the local baseball game on the weekends, or you can also start playing basketball with your child in your backyard.

This way he will taste different and diverse experiences about sports and eventually your kid will start showing interest in sports. And the one they love is clearly the sport your child prefers. Simple as that. Exposing your children to various sports will yield productive results.

Is it Right For Your Child?

Now when you know about the passion and interest of your child, there’s one small step before your child dives deep into his preferred sport. Every kid is different from others, and each one of them has their specific traits, physically and mentally.

And no one knows about these specific traits more than the parents themselves. Ask yourself the question, is it the right sport for my child? Well, there are many things and aspects which you should take into account when you ask this question.

If your kid loves to play individually, you can give a shot to the more individual games like tennis, or even golf or boxing. It goes the other way around too, if your kid is a team player and loves to play with his friends as a team, you can choose games like football, cricket, etc. Take a look at their physical traits too, but never impose limitations on your child.

If he is a good runner, he can try football. Similarly, if he is taller, he can go for basketball. Remember, these are always relative and nominal aspects but important to keep in mind.

Be There For Them

You never know about the kids’ mood swings. It’s a great thing that your child is interested in a particular sport, let’s say football. However, you never know how quickly they will lose interest. Therefore, you need to keep them motivated and only parents can do that.

You can do a variety of things if you want your child to continue with physical sports. Because being physically active and hard working from a very young age will help your child to become a healthy adult. So here are the things you can do to keep your child motivated for his ‘preferred sport’:

  • Attend as many games as you can. Your presence will impose a very positive effect on their mind and they will have high spirits.
  • Support them during their off-days. Instead of discouraging your children, console them with a lot of care.
  • Avoid pressuring them, they’re young and let things develop naturally. It will help your kid to perform better.
  • Eliminate expectations, let them have fun. When no expectations are hanging over their heads, they will feel free and enjoy themselves.
  • Eliminate fears. Try to make them familiar with defeat. Teach your kid to embrace the losses and upsets. It will give them the motivation to keep working hard for the next challenge.

Give it Some Time

The number one mistake some of the parents make is expecting fast progress from their children. Organized sports are a long way to go and children take time to properly understand the concepts of organized sports. Before your kid jump into this complex process, you can give them a more casual environment so they can adjust mentally and physically.

Before you sign them up for any organized sports, your kid should spend some time in a less competitive environment. Doing this will ensure the steady development of your child, and he/she will also feel involved.


All the parents want their children to lead a healthy life and getting involved in sports activities is the best way for that. Now you know how to get to know which sport your child prefers. You can help them to find their passion and when you will implement all the steps we have talked about today, you will see your kid enjoying his time while playing his favourite game.

It’s not always simple with kids and we have to deal with them with extreme care because children are always sensitive. Don’t rush things, and let your child’s sports skills evolve with time.

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