Man vs woman football boots - whats the difference

Man vs Woman Football Boots – What’s The Difference? 

We’ve always wondered, what is the difference between Man vs Woman football boots? Football is mostly considered a boys club. In 1921, the Football Association banned women from playing football in League grounds saying that this game is not suitable for women to be a part of.

Well, it was in the past, and now, we have a proper Women Football Association. Women have pretty much excelled in this game and proved those wrong who gave the idea of women not suitable for playing football.

Now, as a matter of fact, we know that men mostly dominate football. Hence, an issue that prevailed for a considerable time was the availability of football boots specially designed for women. 

Fortunately, now big companies like Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc have taken notice, and now we can find football boots specifically customized for women. If you ask about man vs woman football boots, they are not much different from each other on a very basic level.

Let us take a look at some factors on the basis of which we can differ man vs woman football boots.


Genetics is something to consider when we talk about man vs woman football boots. As a general observation, men are bigger than women in both height and width

As feet are also a part of the body, they would obviously differ as the rules of genetics demonstrate. The feet of women are smaller and thinner as opposed to men’s feet. Also, men’s feet are longer and wider and tend to have a shallower arch as compared to the women’s feet.

Thus, when shopping for women’s football boots, the genetics factor should always come to mind before purchasing.

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Let us take a look

The difference in Overall Appearance

The overall appearance of man vs woman football boots differs in certain aspects. That difference is primarily due to the difference in genetics of man and woman feet. General differences are

  • Men’s feet being larger and wider results in the shoes of men being larger and wider than women’s football boots.
  • Women’s boots are relatively smaller and thinner to best suit the shape of women’s feet

Size of the Boots

As described earlier, women’s feet are smaller and thinner with deeper arches as compared to men. It is genetics and a natural thing that has direct effects on the sizing of man vs woman football boots.

Not so long ago, it was really difficult to find football boots specifically designed for women. The only option that was considered effective against this dilemma was to go down one size or in some cases, two sizes depending upon the type of brand.

But, gone are those days and if we talk about recent times, many famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma are releasing a vast collection of football boots best suited to women’s feet.

They have adjusted sizes according to the genetics of women’s feet so that it does not remain an inconvenience to find appropriate size football boots for women. No more looking all over the place to find a boot which fits well in preparation for football matches.

Stud Patterns

The most important detail that should be looked upon while discussing man vs woman football boots is the stud pattern. Beneath the beautiful and robust looking boots, lies the soleplate with a stud configuration that is the most dominating and prime part of a football boot.

If not for the soleplate and stud pattern, players would face a lack of grip on the surface and chances of slipping would increase. All in all, modern playing is impossible without proper football boots.

Let us take a look on several types of the stud patterns and which stud pattern is suitable for what condition

Firm Ground Studs (FG)

Firm Ground Studs are bladed or conical in shape. The molded studs are in different sizes and shapes across the sole. They are non-removable PU / TPU studs of rubber material. Football boots which feature these kinds of studs are most suitable natural dry grass.

They are not ideal for damp or wet pitches but can hold up in that kind of conditions. So, overall, this stud pattern is essentially all-rounder for you irrespective of the debate of man vs woman football boots.

Soft Ground Studs (SG)

Soft ground studs are conical in shape and are longer than usual to enable extreme penetration in the soft and muddy ground for maximum traction and stability.

They are usually made up of metal. Football boots featuring soft ground stud patterns are most suitable in muddy football pitches. Make sure that you do not wear them on firm ground as you will most probably get yourself injured.

Artificial Ground Studs (AG)

This stud pattern is not so different from the Firm Ground Stud Pattern. Both have plastic studs of conical or rounded shape but in the case of Artificial Ground Studs, there is a hole in the middle of studs to give less traction on the AG surface. As the name suggests itself, this stud pattern is for artificial surfaces such as AstroTurf 3G or 4G.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right stud pattern is essential. The debate of man vs woman football boots does not have much role in this regard. In conclusion, the rules of stud patterns apply the same to both man vs woman football boots.

Is there a real difference?

The debate of man vs woman football boots is not so old as the manufacturing of football boots especially for women has started quite recently. So, both the men and women football boots are now available in the market to make one wonder what could be the prime differences between man vs woman football boots.

Let us clear out some of the ancillary differences.


The difference in Standard Size

Men’s football boots are, according to a general observation, two widths wider and one and a half inches long as compared to women’s football boots.

This difference is due to the factor of genetics, as we described earlier in the article. Women’s feet are smaller and thinner than men’s feet, so their boots follow the same rule.

The difference in variations in style and design

Talking about man vs woman football boots, we typically see that men’s boots come in many designs and styles. There are no limited variations available in the market.

Due to the above-stated reasons, women also try to buy men’s football boots as it gives them access to a wide range of styles and colors. Women’s boots currently do not have much versatility and brands have received some complaints in this regard.

The difference in Overall stability

A report was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicines which elaborated that men when suddenly changing direction while playing, put more pressure on their feet as compared to women

Thus, manufacturers keep this point in mind while manufacturing man vs woman football boots. As there is a greater risk of injury so boots are designed to tackle more pressure easily.

Hence, Men’s football boots are more stable than women’s football boots eliminating the chance of bad injuries considerably.

The difference in Material

The difference in the material of man vs woman football boots is not much, to be honest. Companies buy a certain material in bulk and manufacture men, women and kid’s cleats with the same material. Only the price you spend on buying football boots will make a difference. The higher you spend, the better quality you get.

The difference of Overall Appearance

Men’s football boots may not feel much fancy or stylish. Also, they appear longer and wider than women’s football boots as we discussed earlier. It is all genetics creating the difference.

Why are Women’s Boots not so common?

That is an issue which has been prevailing for some time now. One might wonder, besides being in high demand, why manufacturers avoid making specially customized boots for women? Well, the issue is that manufacturers do not find it viable to market women’s football boots separately as it is more convenient to manufacture the same football boots in smaller sizes.

So, this is the reason women’s football boots are not so commonly found. Only some brands market them. Other than that, men’s boots in smaller sizes are commonly used by women.

why woman boots are not common? Man Vs Woman football boots


So, in a nutshell, the debate of man vs women football boots is intriguing and fruitful to follow especially if you are a female footballer. If you are a female footballer and think that you cannot get by with men’s football boots then you might be wrong.

You just have to buy the boot you like in one or two smaller sizes than your usual size. If you are one of those women who like to have some extra room in shoes or if you have broader feet naturally, buying men’s cleats would be perfect for you.

So, in the end, we hope that we made it easy for you to comprehend the basic differences between man and woman’s football boots and also the role of studs in playing soccer.

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