Play Basketball With Bad Teammates
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How To Play Basketball With Bad Teammates

Playing basketball with bad teammates can be frustrating, but there are ways to play more effectively. The first step is realizing that you’re not the only one on your team who’s frustrated. Some players play better than others and some play worse than others. However, just because someone doesn’t play as well as you or they don’t know how to play at all doesn’t mean they’re a bad person or teammate. This blog post will give tips on how to improve relationships with people who may not be great partners on the court!

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What Makes Bad Teammates in Basketball?

Having good chemistry with your teammates is important to play every game to the best of your ability. If you have a teammate who shows up late or doesn’t show up to games, that’s already stepping on the court before their time. Not being punctual for practices and games can also be an indicator that someone isn’t taking basketball seriously enough as it should be taken, which leads us to our next point…

basketball with Bad Teammates

What are Some Habits of Bad Teammates in Basketball?

What are the signs they don’t take it seriously?

  • Not being punctual to practices or games
  • Not giving it their all while on the court
  • Making excuses for not performing well in games and practices (“I had a bad day,” “it wasn’t me, it was my teammates who caused us to lose.”)
  • Being selfish or self-centered with play calls during practice and games
  • Disrespecting coaches’ play calls; arguing over which play is better instead of listening to what they’re saying
  • Arguing with other players during playtime leading up to the game
  • Unnecessary physical contact such as pushing another player down before shooting a shot or not letting them get back on defense without fouling out of frustration/hurt feelings during scrimmages leading up to games against other teams
  • Believing they are better than other players, not acknowledging play mistakes
  • Not following team rules such as tardiness to practice/games or failing grades in school leading up to games
  • Being unhelpful during practices and playtime by showing little interest towards learning plays and improving their game instead of watching others play.
  • Showing up late for practice or games
  • Complaining about playing time or the coach’s decisions
  • Arguing with teammates, coaches, and officials
  • Displaying a lack of hustle on defense or offense
  • Failing to play as a team – trying to do too much themselves

These habits can lead to players becoming disgruntled with their play, as well as that of their teammates. This can result in poor performance and tension among the players. If you find yourself struggling to get along with bad teammates in basketball, here are a few tips that might help:

Tips on Dealing With Bad Teammates in Basketball

basketball with Bad Teammates

Stay Positive

Focus on your play and don’t let bad teammates play down to you. You may be the only one who is trying their hardest, but they are still your teammates! Ignore them or say something nice about how well they play even if it’s not true.

Improve Teamwork through Practise and Games

Try to make good plays with a teammate by passing the ball back and forth instead of dribbling all over the court without achieving anything. This will help improve their confidence in themselves as well as yours because now you both have good plays under your belt that can boost morale later on during games when things aren’t going so great for either party involved!

Avoid the Arguing

Don’t argue with someone after everyone plays no matter what, this isn’t productive for either player. If someone is being aggressive towards you, play defense by telling them that they are legally allowed to play the game too and try not to argue with them or say anything mean because now it’s just a fight about basketball!

Respect Eachother

Don’t be passive-aggressively rude back if someone else is acting this way towards you even if it’s hard. Instead of getting into an argument over the whole play just move on to another play/partner so that no one gets hurt feelings or feels like their input isn’t valued. This will also make your teammates feel more respected which can help improve morale in general as well as your games together!

Practice Makes Perfect

If someone on your team is struggling, offer advice but do so without acting superior. Offer pointers that will improve their play such as helping them out with certain shots. Be patient and friendly to those who need help but don’t offer up your advice unless you are asked! This will give others a sense of pride in their skills while making the team stronger overall.

There are ways everyone can win together as long as they put in the effort to get along whether that means practicing more at home or giving tips on how one another could play more effectively (ie: passing instead of shooting every time). It doesn’t matter if you’re not best friends; there will be times where you’ll need each other! Just like people who play bad but still good enough for their team, play hard and play to win.

Social Activities

There are many different ways you can improve relationships with teammates such as inviting them out for coffee or even a quick workout together! Playing the sport of basketball is one thing but building friendships off the court is another way to make everyone happy when it comes down to playing on teams like these. However, if all else fails don’t be afraid to talk about what might need improvement between each other to play at your best ability because we’re all here for the same purpose: winning games and having fun doing so!

Communication is Key!

For those looking to play better with teammates, try having a conversation about your differences. If you are the type of person who is always talking about themselves or others, maybe take some advice from someone else who’s playing well and talk less! This can make all the difference when it comes to improving relationships between players on basketball teams.

For the Love of Basketball

If all else fails remember why you played basketball in the first place. You started playing because you loved the game, not because you loved your teammates and if they are bringing down your love for the sport then it might be time to switch teams or play less with them. However, try giving these tips a shot before making any rash decisions! Basketball is supposed to be fun after all!

Be Good Enough to Make Basketball Players Around You Better!

No one is perfect and that goes for basketball players too. Just because someone isn’t the best doesn’t mean they can’t learn or play with other better people. Try to be good enough so that your teammates become better! This will help not only them but also help improve your skills as a player. It’s always important to have competition whether it be against others in real life or ourselves!

basketball with Bad Teammates

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we should play alongside people who compliment us. However, sometimes we get put into situations where we have to play with bad teammates and play with them often. This can be tough for some to deal with but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be fun!


Playing better with certain people doesn’t mean you play badly with other teammates. It’s okay if someone isn’t your favorite person to play basketball with because there will always be conflicts just like in any relationship whether it’s sports-related or otherwise! However, when looking at improving relationships between teammates, don’t let these types of differences come between getting things done.

Do you have any other tips on how to play when stuck with bad teammates in basketball? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends who might also need some help in this situation! Thanks for reading.

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