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Now that NBA season is back, I want to share with you my personal NBA jersey size experience. I’ve been a huge NBA fan for the past 10 years and have always wanted to get a jersey of my favorite player, LeBron James. But because there are so many types of jerseys in different sizes, it’s hard to know what size NBA Jersey would be right for me! What do you think? Do I buy a medium or large? Well, let me tell you how to solve this problem.

What are NBA Jerseys?

NBA jerseys are professional basketball apparel designed for NBA athletes to wear during games. They typically have a logo of the NBA team that they play on or their own personal number and name stitched into them.

size NBA jersey

The history behind NBA jerseys is that NBA players were once required to wear a standardized basketball jersey, which was white with thin blue and red vertical lines. Eventually, it evolved into the modern NBA Jersey we know today.

Now there are many types of NBA jerseys including authentic NBA jerseys, replica NBA Jerseys, swingman NBA jerseys, vintage NBA jerseys etc… depending on how much you want to spend!

If you’re interested in what size fits me best I personally go for an Authentic or Swingman sized jersey because they fit well but make sure you check out this blog post first!!

Official Jersey Provider for the NBA

Nike has been the official NBA jersey provider since 2017, replacing Adidas. NBA jerseys are now made from a material called NikeConnect technology, which is basically just a piece of fabric that contains an NFC tag with the NBA jersey logo on it.

Nike has also recently introduced “the first-ever NBA Connected Jersey”, where you can download exclusive NBA highlights and rookie league content to your phone using NFC through their app! Pretty cool right?

How to Take Measurements?

Now comes the question of how to take measurements for your NBA jersey size. Well, let me tell you there are a few easy ways!

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size NBA jersey


To measure the chest NBA jersey size, you’re going to want a friend to help measure the circumference around your chest. Around where your nipples are should be about right but if not then just go with whatever inch number corresponds with NBA jerseys sizes!

Of course, this is all for NBA replica NBA Jersey sizing so don’t forget that classic NBA Jerseys have much more material and it would only make sense if they were looser fitting than their NBA replicas. So it’s pretty easy really!


For the torso length NBA jersey size, you’re going to want a friend again. First, take the measuring tape or ruler and measure from where your shoulder starts down toward about your waist! NBA jerseys are made symmetrical so don’t worry if this doesn’t match up with what NBA jersey sizes come in because they have less material than replica NBA Jerseys.

Other NBA Jerseys

You can take measurement from other NBA jerseys you already own! It’s very easy and all you need to do is take a tape measure and either lay it flat or hold one end with your hand. Then just follow the NBA jersey sizing chart that we have at the end of this blog.

If you follow all these simple steps on how NBA jersey sizing works for both types of jerseys, I’m sure that not only will you find the perfect fit but also beat out every competition at being an NBA fan!

What Jersey Fit do You Prefer?

First off, NBA jerseys come in different fits. There are the classic/authentic fit NBA jersey and the replica NBA jersey. The classic/authentic NBA Jersey has a more baggy look than that of the NBA replica which tends to be tighter fitting.

So if you want that loose LeBron James kind of feel then go with a medium or large for either one! On the other hand, if you’re looking for something fitted but not too tight then I’d recommend getting something on the smaller scale from either type because they’ll have less material and will give it a slimmer look!


Replica NBA jerseys tend to be tighter fitting than classic/authentic NBA jerseys. This also means that the material is less so it’s pretty much like wearing an Under Armour shirt but with more style! Trust me, if you want people around you asking where did you get this jersey from or saying “I need one of them”, then go for NBA replicas!

Tighter NBA Jerseys will always beat out looser ones when it comes down to who looks better in what type of jersey.

Loose and Baggy

If you’re looking to buy NBA jerseys that are looser or baggy, then go with NBA classics/authentics! They have much more material than NBA replica NBA jerseys. Not only do they look pretty cool but it’s great because if it gets really cold out but you still want to wear your jersey without a jacket over top of it, this is the type you’ll be able to pull off. There’s nothing better than being comfortable and stylish at the same time so classic/authentic NBA jerseys are for sure what I’d recommend!

NBA Jersey Size Chart

Nike AuthenticSMLXLXXL3XL
Numeric Size404448525658
Chest (inches)35-37.537.5-4141-4444-48.548.5-53.553.5-58
Length (inches)29.230.631.332.132.933.3
Adidas ReplicaSMLXLXXL3XL4XL
Numeric Size 40444852565864
Chest (inches)40444852565864
Front Length (inches)31323334353637
Back Length (inches)31323334353637
Adidas AuthenticSMLXLXXL3XL4XL5XL
Numeric Size4446485052545658
Chest (inches)40.442.444.446.448.451.454.458.4
Front Length (inches)36.437.237.938.739.440.242.943.7
Back Length (inches)38.439.239.940.741.442.244.945.7
Adidas SwingmanSMLXLXXL3XL4XL5XL
Numeric Size 4144475053565962
Chest (inches) 4144475053565962
Front Length (inches) 31.7532.8753435.12536.2539.37540.541.625
Back Length (inches) 33.2534.8753637.12538.2539.37540.541.625
Mitchell & Ness AuthenticSMLXLXXL3XL4XL5XL
Numeric Size 3640444852566064
Chest (inches) 37-3941-4345-4749-5153-5557-5961-6365-67
Length (inches) 29.5-30.530.5-31.531.5-32.532.5-33.533.5-34.534.5-35.535.5-36.536.5-37.5

Other Factors to Consider

Other factors like stitching and material also affect NBA jersey sizing. NBA replica NBA jerseys have a different material and stitching pattern than NBA classics/authentics which means it’s going to feel slightly different even though the actual NBA jersey size is the same!

With classic/authentic NBA jerseys, I’d recommend getting an official NBA Jersey from either Adidas or Nike because they make some of the best quality materials out there for sports apparel in general. On top of that if you buy them from these two brands then you know it will fit just right without having any problems with tearing or anything like that during playtime!

size NBA jersey

Avoid Knockoffs!

For NBA replicas, on the other hand, go with whichever one fits your budget better but definitely avoid cheap knockoffs since sometimes those can be made very poorly where not only does it look bad but also could fall apart during playtime.


Any NBA fan would be glad to answer all of your questions so don’t hesitate to leave any comments below, if you have any more NBA jersey sizing questions! NBA jerseys are great for not only representing your favorite NBA player but also makes a perfect addition to dresser drawers, living room couches and even the floor when it comes down to feeling like an NBA star yourself!

I hope this blog post gives you a better understanding of how NBA jersey sizing works. I’ll be happy to answer any questions or comments below in the section provided! Thanks for reading my article and go Lakers!!

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