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What Are Grip Socks In Football? – Tips & Advantages

Are you one of those people who will not stop at anything to take their game up a notch and leave your competitors behind you? What are Grip Socks in Football?

Well, if that is the case, you would obviously be searching for new methods, techniques and innovative ideas that could help you in improving your game at a faster pace. Since football has become so much famous and the most popular game in the world, we are seeing many changes and improvements in the equipment related to football and football players. 

With the considerable increase in football popularity, sports manufacturer’s, seeing a golden opportunity, came up with numerous innovations in football player’s equipment such as boots and jerseys to help football players enhance their gaming performance.

Performance Gains with grip socks? 

Speaking of enhancing the performance of football players, there is a new trend of using performance socks which are more commonly known as grip socks flourishing in the market. This trend has taken the market with a storm and now most of the serious football players tend to use these football grip socks along with their boots as they are meant to aid in enhancing the performance by giving a locked-in feel to your feet through their anti-slip feature.

grip socks in football

market adaptation:

A number of famous brands such as Nike and Adidas have added the football grip socks in their production line of football apparel as there is a great demand for such socks in the market rapidly increasing day by day. 

What is the Purpose of Football Grip Socks?

Has this ever happened to you that you are playing football with intense energy and your foot keeps slipping in the boot making it difficult for you to play with utmost agility? Well, this is a very common problem among footballers and for a considerable time, any remedy to this problem was not known. 

Fortunately, gone are those days and with the world constantly moving towards innovations whose sole purpose is to ease people’s life up, we now have the best solution in the form of “football grip socks” to counter this issue. 

Regular socks make your foot slip a lot in your boot and this constant slipping may lead to blisters on your foot which are quite irritating and they hurt too.  

the Solution

So in order to avoid that, football grip socks provide an extra grip between your foot and the sole of your boot so that there is no slipping action and you can play with one hundred percent efficiency. Your feet will also remain safe from foul blisters. Thus, the sole purpose of football grip socks is to enhance footballer’s performance by keeping the foot locked-in in one place at the time when footballers make swift turns and change directions. 

Proper use of these socks with football boots can help you in gaining a much-needed boost in your performance  

Are Football Grip Socks Useful?

Some football players may think that investing in football grip socks is a dumb idea. However, it is not. The actual fact is exactly opposite to this remark. Investing in football grip socks can be the best decision a professional footballer can make. 

what about the regular football socks?

Regular football socks are prone to slipping beneath your feet while playing and especially while making swift movements. This slipping greatly hurts your performance and limits your agility. Why would you want this problem to hold you back? 

usefulness of grip socks in football

the solution:

So, to eradicate this issue, using the football grip socks along with football boots is the best option for a football player. You will be able to quickly change directions and swiftly dodge the ball without worrying about slipping and wasting your energy. 

And along with the slipping, another problem that we know footballers face is their feet’s worn out due to blisters. It is a known fact that blisters are too irritating and affect your performance badly. So, football grip socks come out as a necessity as this issue is easily avoidable with these socks. 

Thus, the bottom line is that football grip socks are extremely useful in their cause and if you consider our opinion, are imperative along with football boots to have an extra grip and comfortable playing experience. 

How to Combine Grip Socks with Your Team Socks?

If you represent a certain team, you will be required to wear socks that come with your teams’ uniform. Now the problem is, you are well aware of the benefits provided by grip socks and want to wear them during the match but the referee won’t let you! 

So how can you go about this issue? 

Well, you need not worry. We have got you covered. Let us see how you can pull this off so that both you and the match referee end up happy. 

We will do this in steps:

  1. Take your teams’ official socks and find yourself a pair of scissors.
  2. With the help of Scissors, cut off the foot of your teams’ socks.
  3. Throw the foot of the teams’ socks. You do not need that anymore.
  4. Wear your football grip socks.
  5. Wear the remaining piece of your teams’ official socks such that it overlaps the upper portion of your grip socks. 

So, this was the clever technique you can use to manipulate the officials. 

Pro Tip: Try to buy grip socks in the same color as the color of your teams’ official socks. This way you will be able to cover up your grip socks more neatly. 


What should you Consider Before Buying Grip Socks? 

If you are planning to buy football grip socks, there are some features you must look for.

When buying grip socks in football


Grip obviously is the most important feature. A pair of socks with too much grip or too low grip can cause inconvenience. 


Grip socks do not mean that you just have to find a pair of socks that offer good grip as the name suggests. You want grip socks for better traction and extra stability. Thus, look for a pair of socks that can provide you with this feature. 


Color is not important if you need grip socks for only training. But if you want to buy a pair of grip socks for a professional match, you might want to look for grip socks having the same color as your teams’ uniform. 

What are the Top 3 Football Grip Socks in the Market?

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So, by now, you understand the importance of football grip socks and how they affect your performance. We already discussed what primary features a football grip socks must have and what factors you should look for before buying one. 

Since the demand for grip socks in the market has increased manifold, almost every football brand has started manufacturing them. So, in this flood of such products, it becomes difficult to find a perfect pair of football grip socks for yourself. 

Well, worry not as we have got you covered here too. Let us take a look at the top five football grip socks in the market right now 

TRUSOX Football Grip Socks

If your demand is extreme grip, these socks are just made for you. Trusox comes with state of the art gripping pads which do not let your feet slip in your boots. 

They ensure great traction and stability and let you swiftly move without any slipping. Although these grip socks are a bit costly, they are the best bargain. 

Click here to buy the TRUSOX grip socks for just 34 US dollars.  

Emooqi Anti-Slip

If you want your socks equipped with an extra gripping feature, Emooqi Anti-slip grip socks are just the deal you are looking for. 

These grip socks are relatively thicker and make your feet feel locked-in. Being extra comfortable, these grip socks are great value for money. 

Click here to buy Emooqi Anti-slip Grip Socks for just 15 US dollars.  

LUX Anti Slip

Premium quality considering the price. It has an exquisite look and also is very comfortable. It goes best with tighter boots as it does not fold up as Trusox does. Also slightly cheaper than Trusox. 

Check out the LUX Grip socks for just 15 US dollars.


So, this was our article for the introduction of grip socks, their purpose and why they are useful. We hope that by now you have a clear idea about the grip socks and why they are of substantial importance for a football player. 

This article contains every information you could possibly require while looking for suitable grip socks for yourself.  To provide you with extra convenience, we also added a buying guide and our recommendations for the top football grip socks you can consider buying if you do not want to go in trouble finding them yourself. 

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