NBA Preseason

Do NBA Preseason Stats Count?

We are frequently asked if NBA preseason stats count. And the response is: it depends. This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the NBA preseason. We’ll answer all of your questions, such as how many preseason games an NBA team plays and how long it lasts.

We’ll also go over the various rules in preseason games and whether or not starters play. So keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the NBA preseason!

What is the NBA pre-season?

During the preseason, teams play games to prepare for the upcoming regular season. During the preseason, each team plays four to six games.

Approximately two and a half weeks make up the preseason. Preseason is usually used by coaches to test out various plays and see which players mesh well with one another. Thus, if some surprising lineups show up during preseason games, don’t be surprised!

It’s important to remember that NBA preseason performances don’t always translate to the regular season. Thus, don’t place too much weight on preseason outcomes when making predictions about a team’s performance during the regular season.

Many NBA fans still pay close attention to preseason games. It can be entertaining to watch teams try out new things and get a sneak peek at what the upcoming season has in store. It’s also a fantastic way to get your basketball fix before the regular season starts!

NBA Preseason

In summary, the NBA Preseason is when;

  • Teams play exhibition games against each other and, on some occasions, against international teams;
  • Players vie for roster spots;
  • Rookies and veterans aim to impress coaches; and
  • Teams try out different lineups and strategies.
Top 10 Plays of the NBA Preseason 2021-2022!

Does the NBA keep track of preseason season stats and standings?

Preseason stats are kept by the NBA. However, these stats don’t count toward a player’s regular-season statistics. The same holds true for team standings. Preseason records are not used to determine playoff seedings.

As a result, if you’re looking at a player’s regular-season stats, you can safely disregard their preseason numbers.

And, if you see two teams with different preseason records, don’t assume that the team with the better record is automatically better than the other.

NBA Preseason

How Many Games does each NBA Team play in Preseason?

Each NBA team can play anywhere between four and five preseason games, but the number can change from year to year. To provide players a longer offseason and to account for schedule adjustments brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic, the NBA cut preseason games in 2021 to three per team.

Teams that made the NBA Finals, for example, will typically play fewer preseason games than teams that did not make the playoffs.

Additionally, other elements like international competitions or noteworthy occasions may affect how many preseason games are played. For instance, the Sacramento Kings and the Indiana Pacers played two preseason games in India in 2019 and the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors played a preseason game in Seattle in 2018.

The length of the preseason varies from year to year as well. The preseason usually begins in early October and ends in late October or early November. However, it can begin as late as mid-October and end as early as late September.

It’s worth noting that not all teams play an equal number of preseason home and away games. Teams will play more home games than away games in general.

This is because it is easier for fans to attend home games, so teams want to give their fans as many chances to see them play as possible.

Are there different rules in the NBA preseason games?

There are also different foul rules, with players allowed to commit more than one foul before being ejected from the game. Teams are also permitted to make more than one substitution per quarter.

During the preseason, some new rule changes will be tested. So, while watching pre-season games, keep an eye out for these changes!

One thing to keep in mind: referees may call more fouls during preseason games because they want players to gradually adjust to the new rules. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of free throws in pre-season games!

Do NBA starters play in NBA preseason games?

It is up to the team! Some teams will rest their starters for the majority, if not the entirety, of the preseason games. Other teams’ starters will be used for a few minutes in each game.

It varies depending on the team and the coach. Some coaches believe that getting their starters some playing time together before the regular season begins is critical.

Others believe that playing starters in exhibition games puts them at risk of injury.

If you’re wondering if your favorite player will be dressed for the next preseason game, the best place to look is the team’s website or social media accounts. They should be up to date on who is playing and who is sitting out.

Where do NBA teams play their pre-season Games?

NBA teams play preseason games in a variety of venues. Some teams play only other teams from their city or state. Others travel across the country to compete in sports.

Some teams even travel abroad to play games! The Los Angeles Lakers, for example, played preseason games in China in 2019.

NBA Preseason

The schedule usually dictates the location of a team’s preseason games. If two teams are scheduled to play each other during the regular season, they may also play during the preseason.

This allows both teams to observe how the other team plays and make necessary adjustments.

So, if you’re wondering where your favorite team’s next preseason game will be played, consult the schedule! It should contain all of the information you require.

Why is the NBA Preseason statistics Important?

The NBA preseason is a time for teams to prepare for the upcoming regular season. It allows teams to experiment with lineups, evaluate new players, and fine-tune their strategies. While preseason games do not count towards a team’s regular season record, they can provide valuable insights and data that can impact the team’s performance during the regular season.

Preseason statistics can be important for several reasons:

  1. Player evaluation: Preseason games allow coaches and front office personnel to evaluate new players, rookies, and young talent. Coaches can experiment with different lineups and see how players perform in different roles. Preseason statistics can help identify players who have improved over the offseason, players who are struggling to adjust to the team’s system, and players who may need additional development.
  2. Team evaluation: Preseason statistics can provide insight into how a team is performing as a unit. Teams can evaluate their offensive and defensive strategies, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune their game plan for the regular season. Preseason statistics can help coaches identify strengths and weaknesses in the team’s performance and adjust their strategies accordingly.
  3. Momentum and confidence: Preseason games can help build momentum and confidence for players and teams. A strong preseason performance can give players a boost of confidence going into the regular season, and a team that performs well in the preseason can build momentum that carries over into the regular season.
  4. Injury prevention: Preseason games can also be important for injury prevention. Players can use the preseason to get back into game shape and reduce the risk of injury during the regular season. Preseason statistics can help coaches identify players who may be at risk of injury and adjust their playing time accordingly.
  5. Fan engagement: Preseason games can be an opportunity for fans to get excited about the upcoming season. Fans can see how new players fit into the team’s system, watch young talent develop, and get a sense of how the team is performing overall. Preseason statistics can help fans evaluate the team’s performance and build anticipation for the regular season.

Therefore, while preseason statistics do not count towards a team’s regular season record, they can provide valuable insights and data that can impact the team’s performance during the regular season. Preseason games allow teams to evaluate new players, fine-tune their strategies, build momentum and confidence, and prevent injuries. Preseason statistics can help coaches and front office personnel make important decisions about the team’s lineup, strategies, and player development.


To summarize, while the stats from NBA preseason games don’t count toward the regular season, they can provide a preview of what is to come. So be sure to catch some preseason action and see how your team compares!

We hope this guide has answered all of your NBA preseason questions! Remember that the preseason is a time for teams to experiment with new lineups and strategies.

So don’t take the games too seriously and just enjoy some basketball! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Do you have any pre-season NBA questions? Please let us know in the comments! Also, for more basketball content, check out our other blog posts.


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