Football Goal Post Dimensions
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Football Goal Post Dimensions: Youths & Adults

Following, we will be going in detail on the different goal post dimensions between youth and adults. Football is the most popular sport with an estimated 3.5 Billion fans all around the world. As a result, more than half of the total population of the world consider themselves football fans. 

With such a great number of fans, it is obvious that the majority of them take part in this game. According to a survey carried out by FIFA, almost 240 Million people play football around the world. 

There are youth football leagues in which children even under 10 years of age play. Similarly, there are leagues for every age group and the laws for each one are different including the size of the goal posts. Let’s study different goal post sizes in today’s article:

goal post dimensions

What are Football Goal Posts?

The combination of two upright support posts at equal distance from the corner flag posts is known as the football goal posts. A crossbar that hangs in the air horizontally with the help of the goal posts and the goal posts itself together form the frame of the goal. FIFA rules state that both the posts are of the same length as the crossbar.

Posts are white in color. A ball is only considered in play if kicked off or played from the goal. Also, while playing, if the ball crosses the white line between the goal posts, a goal is scored.  

Why are their different goal post dimensions? 

One thing which varies the most is the football field component’s dimensions. Laws are made in such a way that playing conditions must suit best to the teams playing. 

In football, goal post dimensions are important. As we discussed this fact earlier, football is a kind of game played by almost half of the population of the whole world with more than 240 million players.  

different goal post dimensions

depends on age group:

We can find players belonging to various age groups. There are leagues ranging from U4 to U20 and then we move to adult football leagues. Youth football is included in the programs of The Football Association. 

Thus, this is one of the foremost factors that affect goal post dimensions. It is easily understandable because how can anyone expect a 10 or 12-year-old child to keep a goal designed for a fully grown man. 

junior football goal post:

The size of junior football goals is half in dimensions as compared to the dimensions of adult-sized football goals. So, football goal post dimensions vary according to the age of players playing in the field. Apart from that, there are some other factors which greatly influence the goal post dimensions. Let us take a look at them 

Number of players

The number of players playing in a certain match must be considered while selecting the optimal dimensions of goal posts in a match. If players per side are greater or smaller in number, goal post dimensions will differ accordingly under the rules of The Football Association  

Football(soccer) Pitch Size

Football pitch size also greatly influences the goal post dimensions. Runoff area is also included in football pitch size before selecting the suitable dimensions for goal posts.  

Bottom Line 

Dimensions can differ, yes, but they can never be more or less than the range of dimensions allowed by the Football Association for each scenario. So, to ensure fair play, the Football Association has released a document that contains all such information.

While getting the pitch ready for play, the rules stated in that document are always followed so that no one has an unfair advantage against the other. Different sizes are available for football goal posts in the market. Each of them is particularly nurtured to best suit the playing teams’ interest within the rules provided by The Football Association.  

List of the different goal post dimensions per age group

According to the directions of The Football Association, there are different goal post dimensions suitable for the needs of a particular age group and team sizes. Below is the list of recommended dimensions of goal posts for different age groups by The Football Association 

Age Group Under 7/8 – 5-A-Side Game 

  • 5-A-Side posts are used on AstroTurf or 3G pitches. Apart from that, this goal is also used for indoor pitches around the country in sports halls. 
  • For Under 7 and Under 8 football games, The Football Association recommends that goals of 12ft x 6ft or 3.66 m x 1.83 m must be used. 
  • For futsal matches, recommended goal post dimensions are 3m x 2m. 
  • As far as traditional 5-A-Side goals are concerned, their dimensions are typically 12 ft x 4 ft or 16 ft x 4 ft.

Age Group Under 9/10 – 7-A-Side Game

  • The guidelines issued by The Football Association suggests goal post dimensions of 12 ft x 6 ft.  
  • This goal size is used for under 9 and under 10 matches in 7-A-Side games in mini soccer. 
  • This goal size can also be used in the matches of seniors playing on artificial turf

Age Group Under 11/12 – 9-A-Side Game

  • For the matches of under 11 and under 12, The Football Association recommends a goal size of 16 ft x 7 ft for 9-A-Side games. 
  • These football goal sizes are commonly used on artificial or 3G pitches for youth as well as junior football matches. 
  • This football goal size was introduced in 2013 so it is relatively new.

Age Group Under 13/14 – 11-A-Side Game

  • For the players under 13 and under 14, recommended goal post dimensions are 21 ft x 7 ft. 
  • These dimensions are also referred to as the size of “youth football goals” but specifically in the case of 11-A-Side games. 

Age Group Under 15 and Over – 11-A-Side Game

  • For Age Group under 15 and over, recommended goal post dimensions are 24 ft x 8 ft
  • This size of goals can be seen in professional-level matches of seniors in 11-A-Side games.
goal post dimensions

Why dimensions differ for 11-A-Side games?


After reading the last two cases, you might wonder why a significant difference in dimensions when the size of the team is the same? 

Well, the answer is, the age group of the team’s players matter more than the team size. So, as under 13 and 14 players are generally of average height, goal post dimensions are relatively small for them.  

The Football Association’s Goal Post Safety Guidelines 

Football is no doubt the most popular game in the world with a hell lot of players. But there is a downside about football that it can get seriously dangerous sometimes if played carelessly

For instance, the improper use of goal posts has resulted in some serious injuries as recorded in the past many years. Thus, there are some guidelines issued by the FA to address this issue more seriously.  

Some of the guidelines are: 

  • Goal posts must be anchored firmly to the ground. 
  • There should not be any playing or fooling around the structure of the goal post. 
  •  Portable goal posts must be looked after according to the instructions of the manufacturer. 
  • Goal posts must be inspected regularly to make sure they are properly maintained. 
  • Metal cup hooks on goal posts must not be used under any circumstances. 
  • The process of assembling portable goal posts must be done properly to avoid any mishap. 
  • It is advisable to replace wooden goals as soon as possible. Every test of strength and stability performed on wooden goals have so far failed. 
  • The last point of paramount importance is that, under no circumstances, any altered or homemade goal posts must be used as there have been many serious injuries and even fatalities because of this negligence. 

 If you are planning to buy one, make sure that it adheres to the standards for goal posts developed by The Football Association known as BSEN 748 (2004) and BS 8462 (2005).   


So, this was our article for the football goal post dimensions officially recommended by The Football Association for both youth and adults. We explained why there are different dimensions of goal posts and what factors are at play behind declaring the optimal goal post dimensions which suit the best to the playing teams interests.  

Our list of football goal sizes includes dimensions of goal posts as per recommended by The Football Association for different age groups and team sizes. These dimensions are decided to ensure fair play

We hope that we succeeded in satisfying all the queries you may have about the football goal post dimensions. Answering the why and how they vary in different classification of goal sizes based on different age groups. 


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