Larry Bird and Sue Bird

No, Larry Bird and Sue Bird are not related. They are however two of the most famous basketball players in history. Larry is a legend who played for the Boston Celtics while Sue is one of the most polarizing female professional players to play in the WNBA.

Larry’s career spanned from 1979-1992, while Sue‘s began in 2002 and she continues to play until today. Today we will compare Larry’s and Sue’s lives, careers, and achievements in basketball.

The Rumors

The question of whether or not Sue Bird is related to Larry Bird comes up a lot! In an interview with WNBA, Sue Bird addressed this question, quickly ending the rumors.

“Since I’ve been five, people ask me if we’re related,” says Sue. “It is usually the third question in a line of questions. What’s your name? Sue Bird. Oh, what do you do? I play basketball. Are you related to Larry Bird?”

Surely, being linked to Larry Bird isn’t the worst thing in the world for Sue, but she makes it clear that Larry is not her biological father.

Rumors About Larry And Sue Bird

childhood of larry And Sue Bird?

Larry Bird’s Childhood

Larry Bird was born in West Baden, Indiana in 1956. Larry’s father was a coal miner and his mother worked for the phone company. He played basketball throughout high school with one scholarship offer to play at the University of Indiana-Bloomington (IU).

Larry joined IU in 1974 where he led them to an undefeated record during the regular season only to lose by two points in the NCAA tournament. Larry then graduated from IU with a degree in finance and went on to play for the French Lick, Indiana Pacers before joining the Boston Celtics where he became a legend.

Sue Bird’s Childhood

Sue Bird was born in Woodbridge, Connecticut in 1981. In Sue’s high school career, she earned All-American honors three times and won her state championship twice at Aunaus High School. She would later lead UConn to win two consecutive National Championships under coach Geno Auriemma.

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It wasn’t all about basketball though; like Larry, she had diverse interests such as softball and soccer (and of course academics). After graduating college, Sue joined Storm (the Seattle Storm ) in 2002 where she continues to play today.

College Career Of Larry And Sue Bird

Larry Bird’s College Career

He played basketball in college at the University of Indiana-Bloomington (IU). He led IU to an undefeated regular season during his senior year. Only to lose by two points in the NCAA tournament. Larry then graduated from IU with a degree in finance and went on to play for French Lick, Indiana Pacers before joining the Boston Celtics where he became a legend.

Larry also played basketball while his daughter was growing up as well!

Sue Bird’s College Career

Sue’s career spanned throughout her time on UConn’s women’s basketball team. She began playing there in 1993 when she helped them win their first National Championship under coach Geno Auriemma. Sue would later lead UConn to another consecutive National Championship game. But ended up losing this time around although she still holds several records like most assists ever made/game (13), most assists in a career (708).

Sue Bird finished her career at UConn with some impressive stats across all categories, especially assists! She is one of only three women to score over 3000 points and collect 1000 rebounds during their college basketball careers. Sue also holds records for most consecutive games played (133), most minutes played in a season (1182)and total assists ever made/season (240).

Furthermore, she earned various awards such as NCAA All-American honors twice, AP Player of the Year once, and Naismith College Player of The Year award once. Like Larry’s time in Boston Celtics, Sue joined Seattle Storm where she continues to play today after being drafted first by them back in 2002.

Professional Career Of Larry And Sue Bird

Larry And Sue Bird Professional Careers

Larry Bird’s NBA Career

Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry! Need I say more? He’s one of the best players to ever play basketball, male or female, and that speaks for itself! A dominant scorer who averaged over 24 points per game throughout his NBA career, no player had scored as many regular-season points at retirement since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Additionally, he won three championships with Boston Celtics during his time there from 1979 to 1992. Not only was Larry an amazing all-around player but also brought new aspects into the game such as being able to pass out of triple which helped open up scoring opportunities for other teammates. Larry was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 1998.

Sue Bird’s WNBA Career

On the other hand, 12 time WNBA All-Star Sue Bird’s career has just finished in 2022. Sue has won four WNBA Championships with the Seattle Storm (2004, 2010, 2018, 2020) and was named Most Valuable Player in 2004. She also played in two other finals, one with Seattle Storm and the most recent being this year where they were defeated by the Atlanta Dream.

Sue has also won five gold medals with USA Basketball internationally, winning consecutively in 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020. Sue ranks first all-time for total career assists, and third in postseason assists across all professional basketball leagues!


Sue Bird and Larry are not related. They have distinct childhoods, college careers, and professional lives that reflect their personalities despite both being athletes of basketball. Larry’s career is more known on a national level while Sue’s is less so but still incredibly accomplished.

Larry was dominant throughout his time as an NBA player whereas Susan has won several championships with her WNBA team along with gold medals internationally.

Larry also had higher scoring averages than Sue did during their respective careers which shows how they both excelled differently within the game of basketball–Larry through shooting/scoring abilities versus Sue bypassing/playmaking abilities (triple). Lastly, Larry’s NBA career spanned over 20 years while Susan is still playing/competing in the WNBA today.

Larry and Sue Bird are truly exceptional basketball players who have achieved a lot throughout their careers; we hope you enjoyed reading our blog post on whether Larry and Sue could be related!

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