Who are Nashville SC?
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Who Are Nashville SC? History, Stats & More

Nashville, Tennessee proudly boasts its Major League Soccer team, the Nashville Soccer Club. Founded in 2016, the club initially played in the United Soccer League, before making its way to the MLS in 2020.

History Of Nashville SC: Founded In 2017

Nashville boasts a proud soccer heritage, with several teams representing the city across various tiers of American soccer. Among the most distinguished are the Nashville Metros and NASHVILLE SC, both of which have made a significant impact on the local soccer scene. Additionally, the NCAA Division I men’s soccer teams Belmont Bruins and Lipscomb Bisons call Nashville their home, while the Vanderbilt Commodores also contribute to the city’s vibrant soccer culture.

Nashville SC

MLS awarded an expansion team to Nashville to join the league in 2020. The team kept the Nashville Soccer Club name from the previous USL team Nashville FC that got disbanded in 2016.

Who Is The Founder Of Nashville SC?

Nashville Soccer Club’s roots run deep, having been founded by a group of owners and investors led by John Ingram in 2017. Although the team’s founder is not a single individual, Ingram, the owner of Ingram Industries, bought a majority stake in DMD Soccer, which owned the team at the time.

Since then, the ownership group has grown to include other notable investors such as the Wilf family, owners of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

This expansion marked a significant milestone for Nashville’s soccer scene, which had previously been home to several teams that played in the lower divisions of American soccer, such as the Nashville Metros and Nashville FC.

Current President Of Nashville SC; Who Is Ian Ayre?

Ian Ayre’s success at the helm of Nashville SC is unprecedented ever since he was CEO. As of September 2022, he’ll also be serving the role of President of NASHVILLE SC. He once was the CEO of Liverpool Football Club. He was also named the English Premier League CEO of the Year.

With his valuable insights and team commitment, the team has reached new heights in its first three seasons as an expansion club. Now, Ayre has been promoted to the role of President of Huntsville NEXT Pro, where he will continue to work towards growing the organization. 

Thanks to Ayre’s leadership, Nashville SC has made it to the Audi MLS Cup Playoffs in each of its first three seasons, which is a remarkable feat for an expansion team. Moreover, the team has maintained a top-five average attendance record among all MLS clubs in its first year at the impressive GEODIS Park.

With his impressive track record, there’s no doubt that Ayre will continue to be a valuable asset to the Nashville SC organization and to the soccer community as a whole.

Stadium Of Nashville SC: Geodis Park

Nashville SC’s heart resides at Geodis Park, a 30,000-capacity stadium that the team has the honor to call its home. The construction of the stadium cost $275 million. In November 2017, an agreement was reached between the Nashville Metro Council and the ownership group of Nashville SC.

Geodis Park - Nashville SC Stadium

Nissan Stadium was the previous home of Nashville SC. It is owned by the Tennessee Titans (NFL team). The club has since moved to its new home at Geodis Park, where they hope to continue to build its legacy in the MLS.

Q: What is the name of NASHVILLE SC’s stadium?

Ans: GEODIS Park is the home stadium of NASHVILLE SC.

Fans And Culture Of Nashville SC

Football fans are a dedicated bunch, and supporters of Nashville SC are no exception. They turn out in large numbers to cheer on their team at home games, creating a lively atmosphere at Geodis Park. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic limiting seating capacity, the fans have remained passionate and engaged, supporting their team through thick and thin.

Nashville SC has a strong cultural identity that permeates the team and its fans. The club has embraced the city’s unique musical heritage, which is reflected in its logo, color scheme, and fan traditions.

The team’s logo features a guitar pick and a soundwave, paying homage to the city’s music scene. The team’s colors, navy and gold, are inspired by the state flag of Tennessee. The fans also have a tradition of singing “The Boys in Gold” to the tune of the traditional country song “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Nashville SC Key Individuals

Notable Players In The History Of Nashville SC

As a relatively new team, Nashville SC does not have a long list of notable players, but there are a few standout names that have made an impact on the team. Hany Mukhtar, a German midfielder is the first name that pops up. He was also the MVP of the 2020 MLS Cup Playoffs. Mukhtar led Nashville SC to their first-ever playoff win with two goals and an assist in a 3-0 victory over Inter Miami CF.

Another notable player is Walker Zimmerman, the center-back who was acquired by Nashville SC via trade ahead of the team’s inaugural MLS season. Zimmerman was named the MLS Defender of the Year in 2020 and was a key part of the team’s impressive defensive record that saw them concede just 22 goals in 23 regular season matches.

In addition to Mukhtar and Zimmerman, other notable players for Nashville SC include Dax McCarty, the veteran midfielder who has provided leadership and experience for the team, and Randall Leal, the Costa Rican international who has shown his quality on the wing with his dribbling skills and ability to create chances for his teammates.

Best Manager In The History Of Nashville SC

As a relatively new team in the MLS, Nashville SC has had a limited history and only a few managers to date. The team was founded in 2017 and began to play in the MLS in 2020, with Gary Smith as its inaugural head coach.

Gary Smith - Nashville SC

While it is still early to determine the best manager in the history of Nashville SC, Gary Smith has had a successful tenure so far. He led the team to the playoffs in its first two seasons and helped them achieve impressive defensive statistics in the 2020 season. However, the team has yet to win any major trophies or championships, so the evaluation of the best manager will depend on future successes as well.

Q: Where did NASHVILLE SC play their games before GEODIS Park?

Ans. NISSAN Stadium was the home for NASHVILLE SC before moving on to GEODIS Park. 

Nashville SC Record Breakers

All-Time Top Scorers Of Nashville SC

Hany Mukhtar, the German midfielder, has been instrumental in Nashville SC’s success since joining the team in 2020. He became the team’s first designated player and has since gone on to become the team’s top scorer.

Hany Mukhtar - Nashville SC
Hany Mukhtar50
C.J. Sapong18
Randall Leal14
Walker Zimmerman10
Daniel Rios6

Q: How is the all-time highest goal scorer of Nashville FC?

Ans: Hany Mukhtar has scored the highest goals in the history of Nashville FC.

All-Time Top Assist Providers Of Nashville SC

While Mukhtar is known for his goal-scoring abilities, he’s also been a top assist provider for the team. He’s a key playmaker who sets up his teammates for success. His contributions to the team’s success cannot be ignored. 

Hany Mukhtar21
Randall Leal17
Daniel Lovitz12
C.J. Sapong12
Alex Muyl7

Q: Why was NASHVILLE FC changed to NASHVILLE SC?

Ans. In 2016, a separate ownership group in Nashville got rights for the logo, and color scheme for the new franchise Nashville SC.

Who Has The Most All-Time Appearances Of Nashville SC?

In 2019 (to be precise – November) Joe Willis was traded to MLS expansion side Nashville SC in exchange for Zarek Valentin.

Joe Willis96
Dave Romney95
Daniel Lovitz89
Hany Mukhtar88
Randall Leal88

Q: When did NASHVILLE SC start playing in the MLS?

Ans: Nashville SC was founded in 2017 and started playing in the MLS in 2020.

Most Expensive Transfers In The History Of Nashville SC

Ake Loba, the Ivorian International star, who plays forward was made the most expensive buying made by Nashville SC in its history.

Ake LobaMonterreyNashville SC$6.18m
Hany MukhtarBrondby IFNashville SC$2.70m
Shaq MooreCD TenerifeNashville SC$1.82m
Rodrigo PineiroDanubio FCNashville SC$1.55m
Walker ZimmermanLAFCNashville SC$1.14m

Conclusion: Overview Of The Nashville SC Legacy

Nashville SC may be a young club, having only played in Major League Soccer since 2020, but it has already made a significant impact on the league and the city of Nashville. From the team’s founding by a group of owners led by John Ingram to its success under the leadership of CEO Ian Ayre, Nashville SC has become a force to be reckoned with in MLS.

Nashville SC Achievements

With a passionate fan base, top-notch facilities, and talented players and coaches, Nashville SC’s legacy is only just beginning. As the team continues to grow and evolve, it is sure to leave an indelible mark on both the league and the city it calls home.


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