Sending Your Kids to Soccer Practice

In football, starting early is very important. A lot of parents have this question in their mind, that when should they start sending their kids to soccer practice? When is the right moment for their children to step onto the field of football?

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Baby Steps

With little kids, extreme care should be practiced when it comes to their bodies and physical activities. Because their bodies are in a continuous growth period and any stressful activity can be a hindrance to their physical progression. That’s why you need to take extreme care when it comes to sending your kids to soccer practice.

It’s a common belief among the experts that the age between 3-5 years old is the right age for kids to start playing football. But, let things develop with time. Don’t directly take them to the pitch at the mere age of 3 or 4 years old. In fact, start playing with them in your own space or backyard. With time, they will develop physical strength and their bodies will be ready for a more committed level of football. Remember, they are still babies, treat them like one.


Physical Progress is Key!

For kids to play football, there are specific skill sets they need to develop first. When a child reaches 3 or 4 years of age, they tend to start running and kicking things all around. That’s why this is considered the right age for a child to get started with football. But each child is different from the other.

Before you initiate small soccer activities with your 3 years old, see their specific physical progression first, see if he/she has developed the basic skills of running, jumping, etc. Having all of this insight will eradicate any chances of bad effects of physical activity on your child’s health and growth.

There’s also another school of thought, according to which, kids shouldn’t start playing football before they hit 10 years of age. This is quite a long period, but keeping the positives in the picture, the growth and health of your child come first.

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The Right Equipment

To start teaching your little child, soccer skills, you need to use the right equipment which is specifically designed for their size. For example, it will be a lot easier for the child to learn ball control if you use ball size 3, which is appropriate for their small feet.

Similarly, when all the environment and equipment will be specifically suitable for your child, it’ll be more convenient for them to learn football. It’ll also bring them more joy and they will keep enjoying the beautiful game.

Along with equipment, the dimensions of the playing area and goal post should also be suitable to the physical constitution of your child. It’s obvious that you cannot ask your child to play on the pitch used for the adult footballers, that’s why we suggested starting with your own backyard, or some other small space where the child can play without being exhausted of the long area of the pitch. Also, to develop the shooting skills of the child, you should use smaller goalposts, so the child can learn to shoot with precise ideas of hitting the target.

We think, it’s clear how important it is to use the right soccer equipment for your little child, so they can learn and develop skills with more precision and ease.


Time to Hit the Pitch!

Now when it’s a few months you’re playing with your 3 or 4 years old in your backyard, and he/she is getting better at the game. Their ball control is improving, their running is getting fluent and their body is gaining strength. It’s when your kid is ready for the proper but suitable soccer practices.

For this purpose, you can sign them up for any football academy in your home town or even you can look for professional academies. The purpose of the talk is, you will feel yourself when your kid is ready for organized sports.

Don’t be reluctant to send your kids to practices for few hours a week as organized sports will not only help them to develop soccer skills, but it will also help to develop social sense and skills in your child.


The Right Age

Coming back to this topic although we have discussed this before, that’s what you’re here for. Let’s clearly define the age when your kid should start kicking the ball. The period between 3 to 5 years of age is the most suitable time to initiate the soccer activity. There are many professional soccer academies in the world which have proper ranks and teams for kids under 6 years of age.

There should be no confusion about it, but keeping in view their delicate bodies, soccer training intensity should be very comfortable for them. Remember, there are no sure-shot perimeters, all of these details vary from child to child as all the children show a different progression from each other.


Before we see you off, we would like to implore you to take the right steps for your child. Football is a beautiful game, and it’s a way to make your kid’s childhood memorable and fun. Don’t pressure and impose expectations when you start sending your kids to soccer practice. Let them flourish and grow their soccer talent naturally.

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