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The NBA playoffs are a tournament of professional basketball teams in the National Basketball Association. The tournament is composed of two rounds. One to determine which four teams from each conference will advance to the final round. In this blog post, we want to explain how the NBA playoffs work from start to finish and what it takes for a team wins them!

How Many Teams Make it to the NBA Playoffs?

The total number of NBA teams that make it to the NBA playoffs is 16 total. A team must win half of their total games to make it into March Madness.

teams in nba playoffs

This gives them a minimum .600 winning percentage and an average record around which will land them somewhere between third and fifth place, depending on how many other good teams there are in your league.

This ensures you’re competitive enough to contend with top-tier squads. But not so much as to run the risk of getting blown out by bad luck or superior opposition—or both! If you can’t even win that many games then this probably isn’t going to work out too well for you anyway. The only way I see someone losing badly despite a good record is if they pick the wrong guys to win. Always an unfortunate risk.

How to Get to the NBA Playoffs

To make it to the NBA playoffs, a team must win half of the total games in the regular season. The top eight teams from each conference make it to the NBA playoffs and are seeded by their overall record.

The first seed earns themselves a bye from being eliminated in the second round. As well as a home-court advantage throughout all rounds leading up to the finals. This is because they have proved that they were better than every other team participating!

In fact, since 1980 only three times has there been upset with a lower seed beating a number one seed during March Madness which leads us into our next section…

The Conference Semi-Finals

Once the teams have been seeded, they go to face each other in a best of seven series. This part of the playoffs is usually referred to as “the conference semi-finals”. The winners advance and get ready for a shot at going head to head with their respective number one seeds!

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For an eighth seed team to win this round. There must be at least three games that end up being decided by five points or less. OR if four out of the six games are won by eight points or fewer. No eighth seed team has ever beaten a first seed since 1985 when it happened twice! Crazy right?

Before we move on from our summary about how NBA Playoffs work so far. We want to mention that home-court advantage is very important in the NBA playoffs. Teams with a better regular-season record earn themselves more games at home than on the road!

The Conference Finals

This part of the NBA Playoffs determines who will face off against each other for an opportunity to go head to head with their respective number one seed teams for this year’s championship trophy… The conference finals are played out between four series which are the best three out of five matches!

This round has been rather unpredictable throughout recent years. As no team playing here has ever won or lost back-to-back rounds. This means every game counts and any given night could be your last if you don’t come prepared. Because once they’re gone, it’s time to say goodbye!

The teams that make it out of here are ready to face off in the final round. It is a single-elimination style match with the higher seed having a home-court advantage. Which means they have one less thing to worry about!

The NBA Finals

The NBA Playoff finals

Only two teams per conference can make it this far. This is where only one team gets crowned as champions of their respected conferences once a victor has been decided in each series. For an eighth-seed team to win at least one game here, there must be three games that end up being decided by five points or less. OR if four out of the six games are won by eight points or fewer just like what happened with the Conference Semi-Finals round earlier on!

The teams that make it to the finals are guaranteed a spot in the next season’s playoffs. But only one team walks away with bragging rights and an NBA Finals trophy!

NBA Playoffs Schedule

The NBA Playoffs occur in April and May. If a team has an early exit from the NBA Playoffs, then they will be able to enjoy their summers as free agents until next season starts up again!

The schedule of games is released months before during the regular season. So teams know what days and times they play on throughout March Madness. This way players can make sure not to miss any games. Because someone else may take their spot if there’s no one around to fill in for them!

The NBA Playoffs happen in a two-week span, where there are four days of games being played every other day. Every game counts which is why players need to make sure they’re fully prepared for all seven possible matches!

NBA Playoff Rules

The rules during the playoffs are no different from the regular season. Except that teams are only allowed 16 active players on their rosters at one given time. There can be an unlimited number of inactive or bench spots but once you pass your limit, then someone will have to come off until it goes back down to 16 again.

Any player who gets injured and has already been ruled out for the entire season cannot play. Even if he’s traveling with his team throughout March Madness. Unless they get checked by a doctor and it is deemed safe for them to return!

NBA Playoff rules

If a player gets injured during a game, three possible outcomes are depending on how long the injury lasts. Either they will be pulled from play immediately or have absolutely no idea when he or she can come back which could lead to this person being ruled out for the rest of March Madness…

Or if an injury occurs early in a match then it can drag on throughout all seven games as well – so make sure you’re ready to go until your last breath because anything can happen at any given time!


Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to read our blog post about how NBA playoffs work. We hope we were able to answer some questions or concerns you had; as well as give more insight on what goes into making it through these rounds alive to prove who is truly the ultimate winner by standing victorious over every one else after going head-to-head with the best of them, and becoming a new NBA champion!

The NBA Playoffs are the most exciting time of year for basketball fans. Who do you think will make it to this year’s playoffs, and more importantly win the championship? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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