Who Are Getafe CF? History, Stats & More
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Who Are Getafe CF? History, Stats & More

Spanish clubs have a special knack for having a fascinating history. Most of them are around since the early years or decades of the 20th century.

Only a handful of clubs from that time have still managed to exist after a century today. Many were formed and liquidated with the passage of time.

Among the names which have stood firm in some shape or form for the better part of the last 100 years, Getafe CF is surely one of them. Their history & heroics are quite fascinating too as a club.

Today, we will be covering all of that. Starting off from their early years, significant events, and players, we will have a lot of fun today. Stick till the end to have all the answers you have on your mind about Getafe CF!

Who Are Getafe CF?

Getafe CF is a professional football club from the community of Madrid, which competes in La Liga, the top flight of the Spanish league.

It is one of the best leagues around the globe and Getafe CF has been playing in it since 2004. Throughout its history, Getafe CF has experienced both good and bad times, but they always find itself staying competitive on the pitch. 

They have had to endure financial issues and relegation from time to time, however, they have shown resilience throughout their tumultuous journey so far.

Getafe CF also has a dedicated fan base who continue to support them through thick and thin. 

About the Getafe CF Spanish football club

History Of Getafe CF; First Foundation?

Getafe CF was founded for the first time in 1946, right after World War II, by five locals who wanted to create a team that would represent the town of Getafe.

In 1956/57 they got promoted to the Third Spanish Division and started their journey as professional soccer players.

Later on, between 1976 and 1982, Getafe played six seasons in Segunda Division, traveling around different cities and progressing further in the competition.

During this time period between 1946 and 1982, Getafe had to keep changing their home venue due to multiple reasons which included a lack of resources or better opportunities elsewhere.

However, despite all these difficulties they kept going forward with their mission and eventually achieved success.

How Was The Club Founded Second Time?

Getafe CF was founded for the second time in 1983 as a result of a merger. At that time, the club started from scratch in terms of the Spanish League, but it achieved successive promotions in the four consecutive years after 1983. Then, in the 1994/95 season, Getafe CF got into Segunda Division again.

Finally, on 1st January 1998, they inaugurated their current stadium; Coliseum Alfonso Perez. This successful event marked the beginning of a new era for Getafe CF and this event is still celebrated by its fans.

Who Was The First President Of Getafe CF:

Antonio De Miguel was the first president of Getafe CF after the club was founded for the second time in 1983. During his nine year tenure, he brought stability to the club and oversaw successive league promotions.

His dedication to improving and stabilizing the club is what allowed Getafe CF to grow and reach greater heights under his leadership.

He remained as president until 1992, a total duration of 9 years, setting up a strong foundation for the future success of Getafe CF.

Current President; Who Is Angel Torres Sanchez?

Angel Torres Sanchez is the current president of Getafe CF and has held this position since 2002, making him the longest-standing president in the club’s history. Under his supervision, Getafe CF has become a consistent La Liga side and has spent 18 seasons in the top Spanish division since 2004.

During his time as president, Torres Sanchez has overseen numerous achievements such as winning the Copa del Rey in 2008 and reaching the UEFA Cup quarter-finals in 2007. In addition to this, he led Getafe to its highest-ever top-flight finish of 5th place in the 2018-19 season.

Furthermore, considering all these successes, it is clear that Angel Torres Sanchez has been instrumental in transforming Getafe CF into a competitive team.

Nicknames Of Getafe:

Getafe is a city in southern Madrid that has been home to some of the best football teams in Spain. The Getafe Football Club is one of the most popular teams associated with the city, and it has earned a number of nicknames over the years.

One of the most common nicknames for Getafe FC is “Azulones”, which refers to their traditional blue and white striped uniforms. Another nickname is “El Geta” which is derived from the team’s name.

These nicknames are often used by fans when cheering on their favorite team or referring to them in conversations about Spanish football.

Fans & Culture At The Club:

Getafe CF has a passionate fan base known as the ‘Azulones’. The supporters of this club are some of the most dedicated in the world, and there are currently 18 official supporters clubs for Getafe CF around the world.

The club also uses the ‘socio system’ similar to teams like FC Barcelona where fans can become members and have their say in decisions made by the club.

This has helped Getafe to have a worldwide reach and now they have fans from multiple countries all over the world. 

Some notable achievement of Getafe CF

Major Achievements Of Getafe CF:

Getafe CF has had a turbulent history due to the forming and reforming of the club more than once.

Despite this, they have not yet won a major top-flight trophy, though they have come so close to greatness in the Copa del Rey twice, having been back-to-back runners-up in 2006/07 & 2007/08.

They did win their solitary Segunda Division title in 1999 and are currently playing their 18th season in La Liga since 2004.

It was in 2003/04 that they first achieved promotion to La Liga and then again as recently as in 2016/17 which was their second promotion. Getafe CF has shown remarkable resilience despite its turbulent history and is certainly a team on the rise.

Record breakers of Getafe CF

Notable Players In The History Of The Club:

There’s no player above any club. This is a commonly acclaimed concept among football fans. It’s true, but there is also a flip side to it. And it’s also true that clubs are made great by the very players!

It’s those clinical & amazing players, who rise to the status of legends for their clubs.

Whether the football club is smaller or has a big stature, it always has some instrumental players who helped them over the course of its history. The same goes for Getafe too!

We believe these Getafe CF legends should be mentioned today. Like always, we will have 4 sets of categories, and we will name the top 5 players of each category. take a look at the statistical tables below. Scroll down!

Top Goal-Scorers In the History Of The Club:

Name Of PlayersNo. Of Goals Scored
Jorge Molina52
Angel Rodriguez46
Manu Del Moral39
Jaime Mata39
Roberto Soldado33

Top Assist-Providers In The History Of Getafe CF:

Name Of PlayersNo. Of Assists
Pedro Leon39
Jaime Gavilan26
Damian Suarez23
Manu del Moral21
Jorge Molina21

Players With The Most Appearances For Club:

Name Of PlayersNo. Of Appearances
Damian Suarez261
Cata Diaz237
Javi Casquero228
Jaime Gavilan205

Most Expensive Transfers Of Getafe CF:

Name Of PlayerClub FromClub ToTransfer SeasonTransfer Cost
Jakub JanktoSampordiaGetafe CF21/22€6 Million
Carles AleñaFC BarcelonaGetafe CF21/22€5 Million
Jonathan SilvaCD LeganesGetafe CF21/22€2.5 Million
Sandro RamirezSD HuescaGetafe CF21/22€1 Million
Stefan MitrovicR. StrasbourgGetafe CF21/22€1 Million

Home Of Getafe CF; Coliseum Alfonso Perez:

The Home of Getafe CF, the Coliseum Alfonso Perez, was inaugurated on 1st January 1998 and has a seating capacity of 17,393 spectators. The stadium is named after a 90s legend; Alfonso Perez who never played for Getafe.

He rose from this locality and that is why the stadium is named after him as a mark of respect for his journey and success. The Coliseum Alfonso Perez is known for its vibrant atmosphere created by Getafe’s supporters.

About the Coliseum Alfonso Perez, the home stadium of the Getafe

Controversies At Getafe CF:

Getafe CF have been involved in a few controversies during their time as a professional football club.

One of the most notable ones happened in 2007 when they released season tickets that contained biblical references to Abrahamic prophets.

This caused an uproar in the community and Getafe had to take action, eventually removing the references from their tickets.

As a result, the team was met with criticism for what was seen as an attempt to impose religious beliefs on their fans, leading to further controversy over the issue.

Major RIvalries With Other Clubs:

Getafe CF has a number of rivalries with other clubs. Their strongest rivalry is with Leganes, due to the geographical proximity between the two teams.

This intense rivalry often leads to heated matches between them, with both sides keen to get one over their local rivals.

Getafe is also considered the ‘small brother’ club of Real Madrid, so there is an inherent rivalry with FC Barcelona that goes beyond just football matches.

This has led to some fiery encounters over the years, and there is no love lost between these two teams when they meet on the pitch. 

Conclusion; What Lies Ahead For Getafe CF?

Getafe CF has been a consistent presence in La Liga. Their future looks bright and they have a talented squad to work with, as well as an ambitious board of directors.

Getafe CF is sure to remain an important part of Spanish football for many years to come, with exciting times ahead for fans of Los Azulones and supporters around the world.


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