Sergio Ramos to play against his arch-rival, Barcelona

After making a return to the Spanish club Sevilla from Paris Saint-Germain this year, the former Spanish Captain and Real Madrid legend, Sergio Ramos, is about to face his arch-rival, Barcelona, once again. Sergio Ramos scored a goal for Real Madrid in El Clásico the last time he faced Barcelona, which was more than three years ago.

Sergio Ramos vs Barcelona

Sergio Ramos has faced FC Barcelona 47 times during his career, two of which were when he was playing for Sevilla in his initial days. Despite having a legendary career, Sergio Ramos has more bad memories than good ones against FC Barcelona. He has won 15 matches against FC Barcelona, suffered 22 defeats, with 10 matches ending in draws. However, he has managed to score five goals in El Clásico, being a defender.

Ramos’s El Clásico days can’t be remembered without mentioning the number of yellow and red cards he accumulated while facing FC Barcelona. Sergio Ramos has received 19 yellow cards and been shown red cards on two occasions while facing Barcelona. In fact, Sergio Ramos is the player with the most El Clásico defeats in the Clásico’s history.

Sevilla vs. Barcelona

After leaving the Spanish team Real Madrid to join PSG and eventually coming back to Sevilla after two years, Ramos will face FC Barcelona with his new team, Sevilla, tonight away from home at the Olympic Stadium.

Prior to Ramos’s arrival, Sevilla had a bad start in La Liga this season, accumulating 0 points in the first three matches and conceding 8 goals in the process. Since Ramos’ arrival, Sevilla’s defense has improved, and they have collected seven points from the next three matches with two clean sheets in the process.

Real Madrid looking for Ramos’s favor

As usual, Barcelona and Real Madrid are battling for the top spot in La Liga, with Girona being an exception this season. However, in the long run, it is likely to be a race between Barça and Real Madrid for La Liga. Real Madrid (18 points) and FC Barcelona (17 points) are in the second and third positions of the league, respectively.

In this scenario, Real Madrid will be hoping for Barcelona to drop more points. And in the coming match, Real Madrid’s most fearless leader will be facing Barcelona, and Real Madrid could surely count on their former captain to assist them by stopping FC Barcelona.


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