Ex-Lyon Striker, Moussa Dembele Finalises Deal With Al Ettifaq

Ex-Lyon Striker, Moussa Dembele Finalises Deal With Al Ettifaq

Moussa Dembele, the ex-striker of Olympique Lyonnais, has closed the offer by the Saudi Pro League club, Al Ettifaq. The player who recently became a free agent after completing his contract terms with Lyon is set to begin his career in the Saudi Arabian league this coming season alongside other newly signed players. 

The two-time Scottish League Cups winner with the Celtics signed a five-year deal with Olympique Lyonnaise from Celtic in 2018. The Frenchman is also expected to resume in Al Ettifaq along with Jordan Henderson, the captain of Liverpool. 

Moussa Dembele new contract with Al Ettifaq FC

Talks about signing Henderson by the Saudi league are still ongoing. The option to purchase Dembele is an action by the newly appointed manager of Al Ettifaq, Steven Gerrard

The contract between Al Ettifaq and Moussa Dembele is a four-year deal that will expire in 2027. 

Dembele has become one of the many players that will be leaving Europe this season as they move to the newer Saudi Pro League run by the oil-rich kingdom, of Saudi Arabia.

The new league which is aiming to be as big and relevant as European leagues is pumping its money into the acquisition of several star players, first Christiano Ronaldo, and several others. 

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