Mohamed Salah Transfer To Al Ittihad

Mohamed Salah Transfer To Saudi? All You Need To Know

This transfer window has been revolving around Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Pro Football League. The Saudi Arabian team has signed many big names in world football this summer, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. Mohamed Salah is the latest football figure to be heavily linked with the Saudi Arabian team.

Mohamed Salah To Al Ittihad?

Last year’s champions of the Saudi Premier League, Al Ittihad, are heavily linked with Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah. After signing the current Ballon d’Or winner, Karim Benzema, Mohamed Salah is the topmost priority for Al Ittihad.

Mohammed Salah has told Liverpool that he wants to join Al Ittihad after the huge bid was placed for him by none other than Al Ittihad. According to Rudy Galetti of Sport Italia, Salah has informed Liverpool of his desire to complete the transfer to Al Ittihad.

Expected Fee And Salary In Saudi

Saudi Arabian teams are known for spending a huge amount of money on players and providing gigantic salaries, and Mohamed Salah will be no exception. Al Ittihad has reportedly made an offer worth £80 million (€100 million) to Liverpool for Salah as a transfer fee and proposed a salary worth £65 million ($82 million).

Liverpool’s Interest Against MO Salah’s Transfer

Despite the huge offer from the Saudi team, Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp are not willing to sell their valuable asset, i.e., Salah. Salah has been consistently performing for Liverpool and has been the reason for the major success of Jurgen Klopp in recent years.

Liverpool lost their major targets Caicedo and Lavia in this transfer window to Chelsea. This has only added to Klopp’s desire to not lose any more players before the transfer window closes on Friday.

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