Lukaku Resumes Training In Chelsea Camp Amids Inter, Juventus, Transfer Saga

Lukaku Resumes Training In Chelsea Camp Amids Inter, Juventus, Transfer Saga

Lukaku landed in London on Tuesday this week and is set to resume at Chelsea training immediately. This is coming after the failure of Inter Milan to reach an agreement with Chelsea on the transfer amount for the goalscoring striker, Romelu Lukaku.

Initially, the 30-year-old striker was given the liberty to stay away from club activities during the instant when Inter Milan still showcased interest in the striker. However, when the transfer demand could not be met by Inter, the club called him to resume back into club activities on Monday, 17th of July.

Inter was unable to make a deal up to the €40 million demand by the striker’s current club. Inter had made two transfer offers around €30 million, along with add-ons, however, this does not meet up with the evaluation of Mauricio Pochettino who wants to give the Belgian striker to the highest bidders.

The transfer saga of Romelu Lukaku has dragged on for some time, first starting out with three options of transfers before the withdrawal of Inter Milan. This was due to the news about some negotiation talks between the agents of Lukaku and the rival team of Inter, Juventus. 

Lukaku transfer options
Image source from Wikimedia Commons (september 27, 2017)

Lukaku was initially sold to Chelsea for €97.5 million from Inter Milan after helping them win the 2021 Serie A under Antonio Conte with 78 goals and 23 assists. After spending one year with Chelsea, he was loaned back to Inter during the second year and wished to make a permanent contract with the team that sold him to Chelsea. 

Currently, Juventus are still showing interest in signing a permanent deal with the Belgian national. However, this depends on if they can trade Dusan Vlahovic, a move that is yet to happen. 

Moreover, if the transfer to Juventus does not give way, the striker still has an offer to Al-Hilal, a Saudi Arabian team. Even though he rejected the offer worth £45 million because of his intention to play for Inter (which does not seem possible anymore), it might still be possible if things go south with Juventus. 

The best evaluation for Lukaku at this time might be to go for Juventus. Since Chelsea does not show plans of wanting to go for a contract extension and Inter have withdrawn their offer, Juventus might just be the best choice at the moment. 

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