Benjamin Mendy signs new contract to FC Lorient

Benjamin Mendy Returns To Football With New Club Signing As Rape Case Concludes

The former defense for the Manchester City football club – Benjamin Mendy, has signed a new contract with a Ligue 1 club today, the 7th of July 2023. This is coming days after the final verdict for the sexual assault and rape case against him came to an end, after dragging on for almost three years

The left-back is who is moving to FC Lorient on a two-year deal after he was limited to about 50 games with Manchester City following his suspension due to the rape allegations in 2021. 

His transfer contract to Man City in 2017 from Monaco was worth £52 million, making it the most expensive transfer for a defender at the time. While with Manchester City, Mendy won Premier League titles. 

Mendy was charged with 10 charges over the span of almost three years. Even though most of the charges were dismissed during his first trial in January this year, two trials were left for the jury to make their verdict.

Mendy's rape and sexual assault case
Image source from Wikimedia Commons, taken during the U-19 EC-Qualification (2013-06-10)

This then led to the second trial in which he was finally cleared of all the charges before him after three hours of delibration by the juries of the court.

The 29-year-old, who was in tears after the final verdict was made on July 14, 2023, has been unable to play with Manchester City since 2021, missing the Treble with Man City during the 2022/23 season and even a chance to play for Franch during the 2022 World Cup

In addition, just before Mendy could be cleared of all his charges, he became a free agent. This is due to the expiration of his contract with Manchester United at the end of the 2022/23 season. 

Mendy’s new two-year contract with FC Lorient is a way to kick-start his playing career after years of passiveness due to his alleged charges. According to the attorney of Benjamin Mendy, the player is at a point at which he wants to focus more on his career, therefore, he seeks privacy from the public. 

With this new signing, we hope to see more from Benjamin Mendy and hopefully glimpses of him on the pitch in upcoming matches with FC Lorient.

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