another manchester united player accused of domestic violence

Brazilian winger Antony has agreed to delay his return to Manchester United to address allegations” of domestic assault made against him. In the recent post on social media , the club also officially stated that Antony will not return to the squad ‘until further notice’ while allegations of the player’s violence against women are investigated .

the case

Manchester United winger has been accused of attacking his ex- girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin “with a headbutt” on 15 January in a hotel room in Manchester, leaving her with a cut head that needed a medical treatment by a doctor.

She further claimed that she was also punched in the chest by Antony . She has filed a case of domestic violence to Antony . Police from both Manchester and Sao Paulo are working actively on the case.

the consequences

Antony was called up for the Brazil’s men international team for 2026 Worldcup qualifiers . However , after the allegations were made to 23 year old Antony , Brazilian football federation immediately dropped Antony name from the squad stating that the player will not be included in the team unless the case is investigated properly .

After removal of name from the Brazil team , Antony was back in training with Manchester United . But now , both the player and the club has agreed that the player will not continue the training until the matter is addressed.

Antony’s side of story

Antony has clearly denied all the domestic violence allegations made against him . Antony appeared on Brazilian TV on Friday, saying “I never attacked any woman” and added that “the truth will come out”.

He also issued a statement, explaining that his decision to take a period of absence in coordination with Manchester United is to avoid distracting his teammates and causing unnecessary controversy for the club.


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