Teams who dominate their leagues over a long period of time always have similarities. This similarities and feature are their squad depth. Having competent, already-made players who are giving their all in every game, as well as young exciting prospects with great potential, will create room for a long term and sustainable success. Quality signings like Albert Sambi Lokonga are real opportunities and examples of the latter. His performance is one of the reasons why FC Barcelona and Manchester City target this youngster.   

Player profile | Albert Lokonga  

Date of birth (age): Oct 22, 1999 (20 years) 

Place of birth: Belgium 

Nationality: Belgium 

Height: 183cm 

Current Squad: Anderlecht 

Position: Midfielder- Defensive midfield 

Preferred foot: Right 

Contract expires: 30 June, 2023. 

Who is Albert Sambi Lokonga? 

The young Belgian midfielder showed some promising performances after making his debut in the 2017/2018 season. Despite having very little game time, he attracted some flattering interests from some of the top teams in Europe. This shows how well he has managed his limited chances to prove his credibility. 

MARCA, one of the most reliable youth transfer analyst, have researched and found out that top teams in Europe like; FC Barcelona, Sevilla and Manchester City are in the pursuit of the Belgian’s signature. After signing a fresh contract for the club that will keep him till 2023, we all believe that he has made the right choice by staying, and with time he will become one of the greatest. 

What is Albert Sambi Lokongas’ style of play? 

Watching the young lad play; Lokonga shows the capability of breaking up play and leading the defense to attack. As a midfielder, he’s not wholly concerned about attacking as he is seen on the pitch protecting his back four in times of need. These are the characteristics every manager in the current world of football wants from a player sitting in the middle of the pitch. Standing at 183cm, the midfielder shows great signs of being a star player. Most times in the game, he is seen intercepting the ball from opposition attackers and immediately beginning his team’s attack.  

What are Albert Sambi Lokongas’ strengths? 

Albert looks good on the ball with, with his first touch enabling him transitioning into attack. He comes out of the deep midfield frequently and delivers an intelligent passes to his teammates. These few qualities are good reasons why Pep Guardiola needs the young Belgian in their midfield, with the soon departure of Fernandinho. His good sense of positioning allows him to read the game well. He is a team player with a high work rate, leadership, passing and technical prowess. Overall, he is an excellent player.  

What are Albert Sambi Lokongas’ weaknesses 

The main reason why Albert Sambi Lokonga didn’t make a move to one of these three clubs mentioned above is the lack of assurance of game time. Nevertheless, his balance as a midfielder is something, he must work on to compete on physical battles. He loses too many aerial battles to his oppositions and he is tagged as a poor header. Weaknesses in a player are not hindrances to his game. They can always be improved on with time. Like I said before, he is one player to watch.    

Albert Sambi Lokongas’ Stats Analysis

Current season (19/20) (currently 19 matches have been played) 

Albert Sambi Lokonga has been instrumental for Anderlecht this season. He is pumping in performance after performance. An absolute genius in the midfield. Albert Sambi Lokonga has been the make or break for Anderlecht. Following how they were playing before (his return from injury), in relation to how they are playing today further imposes how much of an essential player he really is. Everything orchestrates around what he does.

More on Current Season:

His movement, his vision, his passing, everything – an all-round pure midfielder. Having just turned 20, he is showcasing impressive performances one after another. These performances have translated to being called up to Belgium U/21. 

Considering that Albert Sambi Lokonga has comeback from a very serious injury, his level of performances is absolutely phenomenal. Having that confidence attitude towards the game is just fascinating. Albert has been playing beautifully this season, and considering everything it is a must that we rank him very highly in our list.  

General Career Analysis 

He has been with Anderlecht for a whole lot of years (since the beginning of his youth career). Having been promoted early in every category he has been in; we can see why. He is an absolutely priceless gem. Having played in different levels, his breakthrough came in last season (18/19), where he really impressed with his mid-season performances. However, this came to a complete halt as Albert Sambi Lokonga got injured with a cruciate ligament rapture.  

A big blow for any player. Still though, this did not stop him. He came back and with a blast. Albert has been playing absolutely like clockwork. He is an asset to any team. Albert Sambi Lokonga is definitely a star and a world class player in the making. He is at the right place, with the right platform. We are so hyped to see how Albert Sambi Lokonga 

Transfer Analysis 

Albert Sambi Lokonga’s rate of development has been phenomenal to watch. We just wonder where he will be moving in the future. How does the transfer log for Albert Sambi Lokonga look like? 

  • 16/17: Moved from Anderlecht U17 to Anderlecht U19 
  • 17/18: Moved from Anderlecht U19 to Anderlecht Res 
  • 17/18: Anderlecht Res to Anderlecht  

He came through all the ranks as fast as he could. Albert is definitely not joking around. We just wonder where he’ll end up in the next couple of years. The sky is the limit. 

Potential – Our view + Our predicted outcome 

Our View 

Albert Sambi Lokonga is a world class player; it might be a little bit early, but he has got it all. He plays an essential role within the Anderlecht’s first 11. His style of play is very different to other similar midfielders. Albert has a very elegant way of playing with very low temperament whilst still being aggressive at the right space and time.  

What a joy to see him play. There are some things that he will eventually improve, however, Albert Sambi Lokonga is a very young and an all-round composed player. It is very easy to see why we think very highly of him. Having played a good number of matches and being the maestro is not a simple task, however, Albert Sambi Lokonga knows how to get things done. He is a world-class player on our books, and it’s just a matter of time to see him playing in the big leagues.  

Predicted outcome 

Where will this gem “Albert Sambi Lokonga” be next season? 

Future move – According to Performing Season – Realistic or Dream move. 

IMP NOTE: Market value goes hand in hand with the racked-up appearances on the field. 

Market Value – Forecasted Analysis 

In curtesy of the platform “transfermarkt”, Albert Sambi Lokonga  is currently evaluated at 5 mil as per on this date 14/10/2019 being when I am writing this analysis. We believe that he will go up to 12 million in the next market update. If by the end of 19/20 season he manages to rack up to 30 appearances (but very importantly – he must rack up the minutes), he would go up to 16 million in value.  

We will analyse how the value would react, according to the season. 

Average Season (approx. 7 appearances out of approx. 34): Value would be around 6 mil. 

Good Season (approx. 20 appearances out of approx. 34): Value would go up to around 14 mil. 

Very Good Season (all or nearly all the approx. 34 Matches): Value would go up to around 18 mil. 

Potential move

We believe that for the 20/21 season, Albert Sambi Lokonga , will be moving from Anderlecht. We Shall be analysing how and why. Furthermore, who are the potential candidates to acquire this talent called Albert Sambi Lokonga ? 

So, if he would have an: (19/20 season) 

Average Season (approx. 7 appearances out of approx. 34):  

  • Stay with Anderlecht 

Good Season (approx. 20 appearances out of approx. 34): 

  • Germany with Schalke  
  • England with Southampton 
  • Italy with Sampdoria or Bologna 

Very Good Season (all or nearly all the approx. 34 Matches) 

  • Germany with Borussia Mönchengladbach 
  • France with LOSC Lille or FC Girondins Bordeaux 
  • England with Arsenal or Leicester 
  • Spain with Sevilla. 
  • Italy with Atalanta  

Our Prediction would be that he shall be having a very good season and he will be playing for Leicester next season. (We predict a 30 million fee) 

Summary – Our professional opinion 

In our eyes, he is an already very well developed and composed player. Albert Sambi Lokonga is at the right space and at the right platform to shine. He is scaling and scaling; always getting better. His determination, hunger and disciplined orchestrated behaviour in the midfield are just a few traits which describe Albert Sambi Lokonga.  

Yes, it is true that he is still improving, however, you could see that he has something different. We really look up to these hungry individuals. This is what the sport needs. By pushing match-by-match, he managed to come back after the injury and producing impressive performances – week in week out. Albert’s performances on both local and national teams are a statement on how good he is actually doing. One thing – Remember the name. Albert Sambi Lokonga.