Al Hilal Recent €300m Contract To PSG Star Mbappe Breaks World Record

Al Hilal Recent €300m Contract To PSG Star Mbappe Breaks World Record

Al Hilal SFC, a club that is part of the Saudi Pro Football League has made a record-shattering contract deal for the star striker of Paris Saint Germain, Kylian Mbappe. On Monday, the 24th of July, sources revealed that the PSG star had been in direct negotiation with the Saudi Pro League club to sign a one-year contract. 

The contract negotiation that was approved by PSG led to the finalization of a net annual wage of about €200m annually for just one year. This is an exception from the packages such as commercial deals and full image rights which the player will enjoy.

It is rumored that the total package plus annual wages of Mbappe if he should accept the deal from Al Hilal is totaling about €700m annually. However, this has not been confirmed yet. Al Hilal FC, who are hell-bent on winning the world cup winner over, ended up making the most expensive contract offer in football. 

Al Hilal offer to Mbappe
Image source from Wikimedia Commons (March 2018)

If 24-year-old Kylian Mbappe accepts the offer will become the most expensive player, not only this season but even in football history. Aside from the €200m that is to be given to the player as net salary for the duration of the one year, PSG, as the club currently having rights over him also gets a €300m transfer fee from the Arabian club. 

If Mbappe jumps on the offer by Al Hilal, he would have surpassed Neymar’s €222m transfer fee from Barcelona to PSG. Also, he would surpass Christiano Rolnado’s €180.5m in net wages.

According to insiders from ESPN, Mbappe has shown intentions not to be interested in the record-shaking contract of the oil-rich kingdom.

What Led To Mbappe Enlistment Into The Transfer Market?

The announcement of Mbappe being up for in the transfer market came as a surprise towards the end of last week. Mbappe, the Le Parisiens striker, was placed on the transfer market by the management of PSG after he refused to sign a one-year contract with the team. 

The president of the French team, Nasser Al-Khelaifi in an earlier statement in the past weeks said he would be glad if the striker could sign a 12-month extension with the club. He ended up giving the striker an ultimatum to decide on an interest in a contract extension which the striker exceed without seeking out one.

However, since Kylian validated his intention not to have a 12-month extension with the club, the president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, placed him on the transfer market. This is coming from speculations that the striker has already completed talks with Real Madrid about signing a contract with them, after the completion of his contract with Les Parisiens

Any contract after the completion of his contract will see that the top goal scorer PSG leaves the club as a free agent. This means that he has the ability to sign with any club without a transfer fee being paid to PSG as they would not have right over him as a free agent.

This was done so that the club (PSG), would not lose another “best in the world player” by giving him for free to another team. This is a supposed lesson from the occurrence with Lionel Messi who left PSG as a free agent to sign with Inter Miami, in Major League Soccer.

Mbappe’s Possibilities Of Club Offers

Since the moment 24-year-old Kylian Mbappe was set on the transfer market, a lot of clubs, (European and Saudi Arabian) have had their eyes on the “best player of our time”.

Some players Mbappe will meet in the Saudi Pro League
Image source from Wikimedia Commons

According to the Mirror, some premier league clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Tottenham have made “inquiries” into the transfer details of the Les Parisiens striker. However, there is yet to be any contract offer coming from any of these European football clubs. 

Regardless, this does not mean we will not be seeing some deals and offers in the coming days, especially since the Saudi Pro League has opened up the floor. 

If he accepts the deal with Al Hilal, he will become among the players who will be moving up to the Saudi Pro League along with the likes of Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kanté, and Roberto Firmino

There are still many other offers by several Saudi leagues to bag top players from European football clubs.

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